New Form Rejected

Had a call from an agent on Friday - She said the underwriter was rejecting a report because I did not check the boxes for the minimum conditions to qualify for Categry B for Roof to Wall Connections.

Really? Because they used a square instead of bullets - they think that these boxes should have a check mark?

The agent also asked that I use the old form instead, because it was done on the 28th, they will lose out on the 4 days of credit since the new form was not good until the 1st - (too bad the dwelling is 37% frame - now they will get charged for a frame house - there go the 4 days of discounts!)

Actually, the underwriter is right on the first issue. You are supposed to check the A,B.C, or
D and then the box underneath the meets your reasoning why. You are also supposed to have supporting pictures.

AS for when the form should be used, who the hell knows>

I think they actually got the bullet/Boxes correct this time

Are you saying that I SHOULD be checking those boxes? That would seem redundant - if they DON’T meet that standard then I would check A. and the box that says it doesn’t meet the criteria.

I believe the intention was to make sure you actually looked at those items and choose one. Last time the bullets were solid boxes and some people converted them to open boxes.

������ B. Clips

������ Metal connectors that do not wrap over the top of the truss/rafter, or
������ Metal connectors with a minimum of 1 strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter and does not meet the nail
position requirements of C or D, but is secured with a minimum of 3 nails.

You would not always go to A if you did not meet B

you may have to go to other F(ie., improper wrap)

Yep, I got that - the boxes I am talking about are the boxes right under the minimum qualifications:

Minimal conditions to qualify for categories B, C, or D. All visible metal connectors are:
Secured to truss/rafter with a minimum of three (3) nails, and
Attached to the wall top plate of the wall framing, or embedded in the bond beam, with less than a ½" gap from the blocking or truss/rafter and blocked no more than 1.5” of the truss/rafter, and free of visible severe corrosion.

I mark those

Wow, OK, thanks!

I would guess that those boxes are there to act as a checklist to verify that those conditions were met before checking B, C, or D.

But just by checking B, C, or D, I am verifying that those conditions exist - If they don’t then I mark A and the second box below A.

Now I CAN see the point of checking one box and not another, that would indicate the reason that I checked A and the second box.

Anyway, I will be checking them off just to ward off unneccesary dublication of effort in having to re-submit the form if the underwriter doesn’t see it my way.