New foundation

Hi all,

I had a house to inspect and the client told me that the owner constructed a new block foundation with weeping tiles and sump pump in 2011 by himself (he is retired stone mason). The house had no basement, only crawlspace. Please advise that how can I tell if the work was done properly. Of course, I will check any settlement, heave and cracks, any other ideas?


Start with the Permit! The new homeowner will be liable whether the foundation is proper or not.

And if there was a permit pulled, there will be plans to look at or photo, which can be compared to the work done. And a Certificate of Occupancy-completed work to verify.

There is not permit. The client asked the seller agent, she said no permit needed in Georgina, Ontario because it is only crawlspace, not for living occupancy.

Again, how do we check if the foundation proper?

Why don’t you hire a licensed contractor with crawl space expertise…


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If the listing agent said so, it’s gotta be true :cool: