New, Free Advanced Well Certification Exclusively for InterNACHI Certified Inspectors

InterNACHI has released a brand new, free certification for inspectors who have gone above and beyond in their education related to well inspections - the InterNACHI Certified Advanced Well Inspector. This certification is for people who want to move beyond the InterNACHI Certified Well Inspector and bring a higher level of expertise to this value-adding service.

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Are you ready to become an Advanced Well Inspector? Check out the requirements now.


Will this class be offered online?
I am a licensed water well contractor with over 30 years of experience drilling, installing, sampling, repair, and inspection of water wells and equipment. I currently have the InterNACHI Certified Well Inspector. I would love to add the Certified Advanced Well Inspector course and badge to my resume.
Thank you,

Hi Tina,

Presently, the advanced well course is only taught in person at House of Horrors locations. It’s possible that may be reconsidered in the future, or the class taught at one of our national conventions.

Thank you.