new FREE brochure and business card designs for Texas House Check

New brochure and business card designs for Texas House Check have been added to the InterNACHI Marketing site:

This member saved $1,222.50 by taking advantage of our free design services.

  • Logo Design: 5 hrs @ $85/hr = $425.00
  • Brochure Design: 7 hrs @ $85/hr = $595.00
  • Business Card Design: 1.5 hrs @ $85/hr = $127.50
  • Editing: 1.5 hrs @ $50/hr =$75.00
  • Total: $1,222.50
  • **InterNACHI Discount: -$1,222.50 **
  • Cost to member: $0.00 (members only pay for printing)

Logo and marketing design services are a free InterNACHI membership benefit. Contact me to get started!


I would like to redesign our brochure. Can you guys help


If you are on the fence about these services, I can assure you that the quality and design are very impressive. I cannot tell you how many people said to me,“How did you come up with that”? The process is very painless as well.
Leave it to Levi. He does awesome logo design.
When you order the brochures, Jessica sends a questionnaire. I just answered the questions, then sent that questionnaire back. Then the marketing department went to work and sent me a proof. I requested a small change to some verbiage and then received a final proof. I didn’t have to design anything! (which is good since all of my taste is in my mouth). Erica rocked on that design.

I hope to visit the NACHI offices someday to personally thank these talented folks.

Just a shame that the business card is not TREC compliant. Oh well.

:roll:It is now. I had to stamp the number.

They did a great job for you Robert. Professional and eye catching.

They are a talented bunch.