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Looks great. I am getting things started right now. The name of our business is Beautiful Life Home Inspections. Are there any places where I could research to expedite the process?

Thanks Gregory, the biggest thing that you can do to help expedite the logo design process is to be clear on what you are looking for in a logo design and to fill out the questionnaire that we send out as thoroughly as possible. Typically the thing that slows down design is having to shoot blind in the dark when we come up with a design. Example: If you hate the color green and you fail to mention that on the questionnaire we send out it is highly possible that I will be sending you green logos.

We have a few articles around concerning design. Here is the most recent one:

You can also run through the logos that we have already designed here and start thinking about which designs you like and what they have in common:

Hopefully that is all helpful.