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Nice. I love the IR camera!

I love Levi’s logo talent.
Above being true 100% before clicking the image thought it was a car tilted down hood first from a accident.

The name looked like"Automotive assurance " to cement the image.

I don’t think it will be obvious to the uninformed. Like Bob, I thought it was a car at first.

Looks great but having any technology in a logo might look bad once the technology is old.

I have to agree. It looked like a car when over the cliff. Once you click on the picture you know what it is if you know what an IR camera looks like. However, most consumers would be totally bewildered by that logo.

I would recommend going back to the drawing board.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but, when I first looked at it I couldn’t decide if it looked more like a cartoon dog or a robot.