New free logo designed for Fat Nick's Big Ol' Home Inspections, LLC

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I like it.

Certainly original!

Must be a slow day at our IT Department.

Love it !!!


Looks like you guys are taking advantage of the recent Colorado weed laws.

The name sounds like a rib joint


I used Fat Nick on my last inspection and the guy is a total newbie.
Go with a more experienced CMI and avoid at all costs.

He kept trying to sell me on his recall check services even though it was a foreclosure and I plan on installing all new appliances.

He also kept trying to insisting he will buy back my home if he missed anything but it has been in my family for 5 generations [my uncle defaulted on taxes ] and I have no plans of selling it to him. Maybe he knows about the oil field buried under the property.

I was going to say hot dog cart.

I like it, Nick, but I think it should have a roof or a house in there so that people know what your company does. I mean, there’s not even a magnifying glass or check mark for Pete’s sake. Also, I would have gone with a blue or red color palette…

I thought that guy was on a diet? lol

like me.