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Nice home inspector logo.

Thanks fellas!

Prior military?

Yes. What gave it away?

The name. I assume that you would be familiar with what Green Door is. If not, funny coincidence.

Well, I dug a little deeper.
I had looked up “Green Door” meaning prior to choosing a business name obviously. But THAT green door never came up! Funny. I spent time in the Military, then worked alongside our military for another decade+ and I still hadn’t heard the reference until now.

Anyways. Thanks for pointing it out. Were You Mil as well then?

Yes, retired this year right at 20. Did my entire career as basically a handyman, repairing all the buildings. Sent quite a few people through the process… even those secret squirrel folks need building maintenance.

BTW, I think that is a GREAT name for an inspection company… ESPECIALLY in a mil intel area. Best of luck.

Thank you very much. And thanks for your service.

Nice logo, great brand, best of luck.

Thanks, David.