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The logo is based off of our symbol for medicine (2 snakes wrapping around each other).

Can anyone guess why that symbol came to be associated with medicine?

There are actually two versions of the symbol. The winged version is known as a caduceus, andthe stick is actually a staff that was carried by the Olympian god Hermes. In Greek mythology, Hermes was a messenger between the gods and humans (which explains the wings) and a guide to the underworld (which explains the staff). Hermes was also the patron of travelers, which makes his connection to medicine appropriate because, in the olden days, doctors had to travel great distances by foot in order to visit their patients.

The intertwined snakes have a particular connection to medicine though. Way back when, humans couldn’t understand it, so depicted it as intertwining snakes.

The Greeks regarded snakes as sacred and used them in healing rituals to honor Asclepius, as snake venom was thought to be remedial and their skin-shedding was viewed as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Which is a good thing to keep in mind the next time you spot a medical alert bracelet featuring the seemingly sinister serpents.

Pre-Greek mythology. Long ago, human beings were told (by their ancestors) of things they couldn’t understand and so made up stories (that they could understand) and drew pictures (that they could understand), much in the same way they came up with drawings for the constellations.

What were they copying (depicting) when they drew intertwining snakes? Answer that, and you’ll see the connection to modern day medicine.

Anyone figure it out yet?

I used to think it was biblical, when Moses put up the copper serpent to heal the Israelites. But I believe it is Greek. It is the staff carried by Hermes, but is actually a staff carried by the Greek god Asclepius, who was associated with healing. I could be wrong though.

Also, snake venom was considered medicinal, and I think the skin shedding represented rebirth, or healing, or something

The intertwining snakes in the depiction are not shedding skin. They aren’t snakes at all actually. It’s just that thousands of years ago, human beings didn’t know or understand what it was they were told about by their ancestors, so they depicted it as intertwining snakes. What were they depicting?

Anyway, the answer as to what humans long ago where trying to depict with their double helix snakes is…


Not true.


You will not go wrong members.
Levi is very gifted at his craft.

Love it!

Oh brother…


And on a side note to the intertwined snakes in the medical symbol being ancient human’s depiction of DNA… the words “And on the seventh day he rested” is not referring to God or the creator of the entire universe (and who likely doesn’t need to rest up). It’s referring to something coming to rest (“rested”) on the 7th planet. Anyone know what the 7th planet is?

Nick, I understand the symbol and what Levi created.
I personally think it’s a stroke of genius.:smiley:

I will add, to myself, the snakes appear to signify two flexible cameras or flexible camera mounts wound on a column or post.
Each one wound in the opposite direction.

I use borescopes and have mounts for my cameras.

PS: I have a new borescope for sale.
Never used.
Sorry, I did not take you up on your offer last time.
All I can say is family life has been all consuming.

That being said; When imagination is used, while peering at the logo, the significance of the illustrations becoming profound. :smiley:

Great job as usual Levi.
You’re the King of illustrations Mate!

I might also add, Nick is one of the best marketers and businessmen in the home inspection industry. :smiley:

Nick, you can send me the agreed to fee for saying that at you are… Ops,…forget I said that everyone.

Psst…Nick, I will send the instructions to place our agreed to fee in a Swiss bank account in Argentina later.

Hmmm, where was I?

Yes, its a great logo!
The symbol of the pole with crossed animal reptiles is recognised as being truthful, helpful, and has a purpose that is instantly recognisable.
It makes the reader / observer look closer at the material it was printed on.
A true stroke of genius.