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The voter check box image, along with the very large “Pro” makes it look more like a logo for a political action group than a home inspector.

It also implies the inspector is just going to walk through the home and check boxes on a list.

I’d re-think this one if I were you.

Thanks for the feedback Ian.

I do not invent logo concepts for the inspectors. We invite the inspectors to participate in their design so that we come up with a concept that they want. All of the information is taken from the questionnaire that is provided by the inspector. This Inspector requested that his logo design included a check mark, so his logo has a check mark integrated into it.

It’s pretty common practice in the inspection industry to try to relate to a political idea (this one is pretty mild in comparison to others involving flags). In my opinion if your logo is red, white, and blue you should probably be running for office or pick different colors. However, I also recognize that this is not a logo for my company, so I try to balance legibility with the ideas that the specific inspector is trying to convey. I try to keep design basics in check, symmetry, legible fonts, printable colors, and vector-based rather than pixel-based files.

While I can see your concern a check only implies that there is some sort of quality check, which is fairly accurate from what I gather. I don’t believe that folks are going to read “easy process” into it any more than they would assume a house is made of two diagonal lines from the billionth roof-over-text logo they see. As long as they can read the company name and see “Home Inspections” they should be okay.

While I recognize the potential for this logo to convey a political feel, it also communicates an official feel with the serif text and sidesteps the massively over-used roof/house outline-over-text approach used by the larger part of the inspection, realty, construction, home-improvement, house-painting, home supplies etc. industries. The diagonal of the text repeats the diagonal of the check mark and implies an urgency or importance. It is a different approach which makes the logo unique. People do not remember logos that look like exactly like everyone else’s. They remember logos that don’t. So it is successful on some pretty important levels.