New FREE marketing designs for Grape Real Estate Inspections

New brochure, business card, vehicle magnet, letterhead, sticky note and business card sticker designs for Grape Real Estate Inspections have been added to the InterNACHI Marketing site:

This is a good example to show how your brand can be pulled through multiple pieces of marketing. You want to carry your image through every element of your business to create recognition.

This member saved $1,481.25 by taking advantage of our free design and editing services.

  • Logo Design: 6 hrs @ $85/hr = $510.00
  • Brochure Design: 6.25 hrs @ $85/hr = $531.25
  • Business Card Design: 1.25 hr @ $85/hr = $106.25
  • Vehicle Magnet Design: .5 hr @ $85/hr = $42.50
  • Business Card Sticker Design: .5 hr @ $85/hr = $42.50
  • Sticky Notes Design: .5 hr @ $85/hr = $42.50
  • Letterhead Design: 1.25 hr @ $85/hr = $106.25
  • Writing & Editing: 2 hrs @ $50/hr =$100.00
  • Total: $1,481.25
  • InterNACHI Discount: -$1,481.25
  • Cost to member: $0.00 (members only pay for printing)

Logo and marketing design services are a free InterNACHI membership benefit. Contact me to get started!


Thank you jessica

This is amazing! Really can’t believe the generosity of Nick and the InterNACHI team!!! As soon as the family can save and budget more for marketing I’ll be reaching out to the marketing team

I think it looks great. You have something to run with…so run.

It looks amazing! Watching the thread unfold where Nick was giving him advice and offering so much help was incredibly motivating :slight_smile: