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I’m having trouble getting my account deleted from realtyjoin. I want to delete it because I keep getting “friend” requests from people who are in other states and who have absolutely nothing to do with my business model at all. Reminds me of those “friend” requests that pop up sometimes on facebook, saying things like “you look interesting, lets be friends.” Waste of my time. So I contacted webmaster to delete my account. Reply said that my “subscription has now been confirmed.” Yipes! Not even close to what I wanted. Let me out of here . . . This domain definitely goes on my blocked list.

Looking for any feedback about RealtyJoin for people who have signed up. Is it worthwhile?

James, I am the webmaster. I will delete your account, no problem. I am sorry that you activated your account instead of notifying me that you want it deleted. there is a link on the bottom of the site to contact me - or you can review this thread to find my email address and contact me