New from Central Florida


New guy checking in from Central Florida (not far from the Disney area).

I’ve been in and around real-estate for a long time, I remember helping my Dad fix up rental units from when I was 8 or 9 years old.Through the years I’ve bought, fixed, and flipped homes, owned rental units, and even built my own house from the ground up…I really am happiest when I’m working on a house or thinking about how to make money in real-estate.

Professionally, I work in the facilities department of a mid size hospital where I’m responsible for Safety/Security, and Emergency Management. In the past I’ve worked (in descending order) as a paramedic, educator, low voltage contractor, electrician, carpenter, and as a technician with the police department. My current job has led me to a bachelors degree and more recently to an MBA.

I’m at a point where any future professional growth is increasingly subject to an ever shrinking circle of influences. Basically I can look forward to working really hard and maybe seeing a meaningful promotion at some vague point in the future. I also consider myself terribly underpaid (don’t we all?). I’m actually looking for an opportunity to take a more active role in my own future. I ran my contracting business into the ground a decade ago…but I’m older and hopefully wiser now. This has a ll led me to home inspecting, and in looking for education for the required state license I stumbled upon this forum (I also don’t think forums like this existed when I drove that first business into the ground).

I’m really excited to be starting the 120 hour course and I’m looking forward to passing the exam. I hope to also use the time to really hone the business plan. I’m very open to input and constructive criticism. I posted some concerns in this thread I need to build the whole package…but I’m most concerned about attracting and building that initial business, so any input there is most welcome.

Thanks to all the contributors, there is so much great info I’m wading through…and of course thanks to the site owners for providing this extraordinary content and venue.


I am new as well. Very close to where you live. I also am looking forward to finishing out my years as a Home Inspector. I have already taken my State exam and waiting for my license. I think it will be very interesting since I also ran my own construction company for many years. There are many other Home Inspectors in this area. I don’t look at them as my competition but more as my fellow Inspectors. I am my only competition . Hope to see you in person in the future. Good luck and enjoy your new life.

Hi Dennis,

So how was that state exam, did you take it through InterNASHI? Happy to hear study pointers and details. :slight_smile:

Any new member should make it goal to at least meet Ben or Nick G. In person!

Took it thru Internachi. Regular state exam is 90% fail rate. Great price with Internachi as well. Other members on here to help you out if you run into trouble.

Where do you live Colorado? Unless they are coming to Florida it won’t happen. Lol

They are great guys and at most events.

Always available by phone or email.

Those two really amaze me by how much they really do care about each member. Both generous with their time beyond belief.

Best org a person could belong to is ours.

Where did you hear that?

Well… if it takes you 10 times to pass, then that’s a 90% failure rate! :razz:

Yeah I live in Colorado best state n the nation

This one of the worst there are better months. This is not thru Internachi. It is from the State.

Wow guess that is a much harder test. I passed the state exam through InterNACHI with a rather disappointing 92.

Same here. I missed the easy questions by over thinking them. Pissed me right off. lol

Hey Dennis!

I am new also. Have never been in the home inspection side of the business but have worked doing carpentry, plumbing and have been a landscape contractor since 1992.

I live in Eustis in Central Florida would love to find a fellow Nachi member to do a ride along with. I need to gain a real time experience of what this is all about.

The course is a bit daunting at first but I am on a roll now. VERY interesting.

All the best to you,
Don Schoonover

Hi guys, welcome and good luck.

Hi John Shishilla and Dennis G. Mathis:

Sounds like a lot of luck and a heap of knowledge is necessary to pass the Florida test. My gut is telling me if I can pass the InterNACHI test I should be able to pass the Florida test. Any comments?

Florida is known as doing things the easiest ways.

Thanks in advance:

Don Schoonover
Eustis, FL

Take the Internachi proctored exam. I took mine at John Shishilla office in Melbourne. Internachi is the best Organization around for Home Inspectors. Stick to everything offered by Internachi. Even if you do not participate in the forums you must read them every day. There is a lot of information on here that will save you a lot of grief in the future. The guys seem to be great people although you may want to steer away from some subjects. Also, if you par take in the forum you better have very thick skin. Some guys just love to harass others. You have been warned.

Dennis, I know what you mean about thick skin. So far so good with InterNACHI. Am devoting 8 hrs a day to study. Have never been a roofer and the roofing has been tough course but seeing as how there are several modules on it looks like it is a major concern for inspectors.

Thank you,
Don Schoonover

Dennis, once you sat for the proctored exam how long till you get the license?