New FULL screen HD NACHI TV sneek preview.

  1. Go here:
  2. Click on the screen to begin viewing.
  3. Scroll over the screen to reveal tool bar.
  4. Click on diagonal arrow icon to go to full screen HD.

That is NICE!!!

Very nice. FYI-I can’t adjust the volume on the player. Might be Chrome, not sure.

The volume on the player isn’t hooked up yet. Have to use your computer’s volume control for now.

Did you click the FULL SCREEN button? Pretty cool.

I’m sorry Nick, but that musak track has to go, its awfull.:frowning:


Thank god someone agrees with me (even if it’s Gerry!).

COOL BEANS!:stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice.

Full screen is a very nice video option.

I must agree with Gerry on the music track. Embarrassing…sounds like a program opener for a TV show back in the 60’s.

The music is brilliant from a marketing perspective. It is soo bad that everyone is talking about it and driving traffic to the site. Good job.

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