New furnace manufacturer

Ran into a new furnace today, Napoleon, never heard of them before, they are made in Barrie ON by a company named Wolf Steel, client’s future dad in-law says they are known for making high quality barbecues. Not listed in Building Intelligence Center.


Got a pic of the Data plate? Anything unusual or different inspectors should be aware of?

Very stylish looked more like a high end washing machine :slight_smile:

One strange thing about it was that the fan started blowing at very low speed when I took the fan compartment cover off, I pushed the door safety switch a couple of times but it still kept turning, put the cover back on and the furnace refused to start up with the thermostat, removed the cover and punched the door button a few times and the furnace started up with the cover off. Put it all back together and the furnace was running normally again. So I will be advising an HVAC tech visit. It should still be under warranty, as it is only a year old. That’s my biggest beef with ‘smart’ appliances, a CPU programmed by some anonymous Dilbert makes all the decisions not a simple and foolproof switch that just turns off the power.

So are you saying there was NO servicemans switch?

Whats a servicemans switch? If you mean the power switch for the furnace, yes, there was one. Not the issue. Newer furnaces have a blower door switch that is supposed to shut the power to the furnace if the blower door is opened, like your fridge light switch, except it turns off instead of on. I expect it is a required safety feature by UL or some other safety org, older furnaces do not have them. Anyroad, this one wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do, turn off the fan. The reason was almost certainly that it was wired to the ECU, not line power.

So, you are saying that you ignored the commonly accepted practice of shutting down the power to the unit via the servicemans switch prior to opening the unit for inspection?

Yup. And in case you were going to say something about that, and also out of curiosity, do you always turn off the engine of your vehicle before you raise the hood?

As a matter of fact… Yes, and No.

Yes… one cannot check the oil level with the engine running,

No… (like a trained and licensed HVAC tech), For starters… I am a trained (auto and truck mechanic), Certified (ASE)(Chrysler NCP), Licensed (CA-BAR, expired), card carrying member of the UAW (United Auto Workers)(Retired), with much more training and experience than I can even remember (and no, that is not an age problem).

I do believe I have earned my ticket to open a vehicle hood without turning the engine off!

Do you remove a stuck piece of toast with the cord still plugged in?

Somehow, I think you do!

I just caught my wife doing that about a month ago, with a metal butter knife :shock: After my 5 minute lecture, she said “well, the button wasn’t depressed, so it couldn’t shock me”. Then another 10 minute lecture about how a light switch can shock you when it’s not turned on :roll: So, after this 30 minute banter, and I couldn’t convince her of the dangerous situation, I just told her to make sure she uses a WET knife next time, and I’ll make sure her life insurance policy is up-to-date. Then I mistakenly told her I’m not sure her life insurance policy would pay for pre-existing stupidity. Smart move. :roll:

I did enjoy the peace and quiet the next few days, but, dang, that couch is not a sleep sofa! :mrgreen:

Chryler mechanic?? I’m sure you had plenty of work! And plenty of spare parts-they’re laying all up and down the sides of the road! :mrgreen:

FYI I am a trained and licensed HVAC tech, but not a toaster tech.