New furnace?

So I inspect a home that has had all three furnaces replaced recently. Great. Except that two are 2016, and one is manufactured in 2004 according to the serial number. Uh oh. Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do!

Was this a ‘new build’?

Where does it say a bad furnace ‘must’ be replaced with a ‘new’ furnace?

If it works properly, who cares?

Although much more common with water heaters, it is common practice for wholesalers to purchase large lots and warehouse them. Again, they’re new units, never installed. They don’t ‘wear out’ by sitting in a warehouse. The only question is regarding manufacturers warranty.

It’s a “new” furnace in a 1990 home. New to the home is not the same as “new”. With new you expect a manufacturers warranty. The buyer should be aware of the true age of the furnace, and whether or not there is a warranty. A manufacturers warranty, not a widget.

Say’s who? The Seller? Did you see the reciepts?

Wouldn’t be the first time…

Contractor: “You need to replace all three furnaces”,

Homeowner: “I can’t afford that price, so only change the two”,

Contractor: “Tell you what I’m gonna do…”

Just tell the the ages and move on…That simple.
I’ve seen them where the serial and model had been scratched off.

The seller stated in the listing that the furnace was “new”. I just report the information. What they do with it is up to them. I don’t call the seller a liar. I don’t determine if it’s NOS. I don’t determine if it’s used. I just disseminate information.

Hey, that’s how I got my pool heater, slightly used. :wink: