New GFCI Standard

Interesting. Self testing GFCIs

Thats an excellent advance in technology!
Thanks for sharing Michael.

I always show my clients how to test but I’ll bet the percentage of those who do is very low!

Thanks for the info Michael :smile:

Now can we get rid of the requirement that GFCI devices be readily accessible? :roll:

Cool, thanks Mike.

Smart cars, smart phones, smart TV’s, and now smart GFCI’s.

When they make the Smart House, we’re out of a job! :|.)

Good find, Mike.

Good info Mike.


Blasphemy;-) I tell you…lol

This is a leap forward…however, keep in mind that what you posted is only one manufacture and is not technically the UL 941 standard.

I believe (and I could be wrong…I am not a NEMA Guy anymore) the standard does not require that after the self-test, that it must shut down the device. While this should be obvious I do not believe that is how the actual updated standard reads.

The way I understand it, the manufacturer can opt to have this shut down function incorporated but is not required as denoted in the last “Action” option as stated on the posted flyer.

They are still required to be manually tested every 30 days and to be readily accessible per 210.8.