New Graphic Designer at InterNACHI

Hi Everyone,

I’m Jackson Tupper, the new addition to InterNACHI’s graphic design team.
I just moved to Boulder,CO from the coast of Maine last month.
I’m passionate about design and I studied Fine Art in school. I am always painting, drawing and preparing for art shows outside of work. All of my work can be found on my website:
I’m looking forward to continuing to build my design portfolio with InterNACHI.

Wish you luck.
A little humor in illustration might interesting though curious what the Pulp fiction like light source represents in your mind.

Welcome to InterNACHI’s Marketing Department.

Welcome. From cold and snowy Maine.

I looked at your website, do you know the early work of Christian Schumann?
One of your paintings reminded of his work which I really like.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome Jackson

Nice work !