New green porcelain tiles

This is where the future of design is heading.

I like it. Wonder if water can get under it? Wonder what it costs compared to conventional tile?

Thanks very Interesting… Roy

I didn’t see one green tile in the video. Looks like having clean shoes when installing it is a must. I don’t know how “Green” it is but they do say the plastic parts are recyclable but I would question if there is a facility that could separate the plastic from the tile to recycle it.


How many times have you thrown out your ceramic tile?

Um 3 1/3 times. I just don’t understand what makes it green. I didn’t see them advertise any green benefits or third-party certification stating they did anything different than another tile manufacture other than snap together backing and grout. I like the system just don’t see environmental side. All ceramic tile is recyclable. It appears to me to be more for the European market that likes to take things like flooring and cabinets with them when they move.

It came from the most respected site for Green Products. Nothing is posted in it that has not been screened for many green aspects.
“Building Green and Sustainable” and is not available in the US yet but they are trying to find contacts.
Since it is removable there is no reason to destroy it just sell it like a tile to the next person.

I just don’t see this ever getting US approval for food service or Medical use area’s and wet areas…what do they do to stop the water and mold under the floor…might be good for a temp display…but…

There website doesn’t mention anything about the surface being recyclable, only the grid and grout.

Like Jim and others mentioned what prevents water/moisture from penetrating to surface below?

I can see benefits to using the product just don’t know how much better it is than regular tile in most applications. If you in need of moving a floor around I guess it would be of some use. Like laminate floor you can move it but most often when your tired of it it’s out of style and no one wants it.

I like this concept, It’s good, just have a question what it would cost to me if i replace my old tiles with this?

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Thanks a lot.