New guy (be gentle)

Hey Everyone,

I just joined InterNACHI yesterday and plugging away at my member requirements. This is also my first time using forums. I am being medically released from the Canadian military, they are paying for my training and certifications. So far I have been training with another inspector and really glad that I have chose this career path. I haven’t been this excited in a long time.

Look forward to learning from all of you and Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAYS and as always please be safe.

Welcome Jay.

Welcome good luck


Welcome Jay .
Where do you live . I have many in my family that are /where in the service .
Send me e-mail . I live in Brighton ( Trenton). What area are you in .
I am a retired Home Inspector but still active in the industry …
All the best Roy Cooke

Hi, I don’t live far from you, I live in Brighton. Skip has been my mentor and helping me get everything up and running.

Jay. It sounds like you’re doing it just right keep up the good work do what you’re doing and I’m sure you’ll have success

Good for you Skip is great .
I wish you well . Lots of good info on this forum .
Many good guys who can supply you with many ideas.
Many good courses you can take that will add help increase your knowledge .
A started a string that you might find some interesting things .

All the best… Roy

Welcome :D:twisted::mrgreen:

Welcome Jay.

Welcome aboard Jay!

Welcome and good luck

Welcome Jay, you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask me.

Welcome Jay.

Welcome aboard.

Were you in the Navy?


Thanks Everyone, I was Army, seen a ship once, drank on it…

Thank you for your service in one of the best and dependable arm forces , May be small but well respected when it comes down to the crunch .

I met a guy who said he only ever got sea sick once on a ship from the day he got on till the day he got off .

Welcome jay from a fellow Veteran. USA