New Guy Need Help

Hey guys I’m eager and new to this industry and I would appreciate the education.

My question…

The basement is partially underground sits on a hill. Its a walk out basement. In some areas from the top of the foundation wall to the floor are hairline cracks. One in particular is leaking water (signs of water stains) at the very bottom by the floor. Another one that concerns me starts at the main beam and goes down to the floor. They have tried to fill this crack but it has reopened still hairline. House is only 5 yrs old 2 stories 1900 square feet. Would any of you be concerned here? There is no cracks close to 1/4 inch expect for one on the basement floor in a corner. I feel these are cure, stress cracks. As for the corner crack do you think the footing dropped here and may need a pier? There is no sump pump in this area. No racking of doors windows and all walls are straight to include foundation wall. The roof looked fine, straight as well.

Talk to John he is the best .

So umm poured walls? :-k

Crack(s) could be shrinkage cracks.

Even when shrinkage cracks occur in poured walls, SOME could widen due to lateral pressure or underground tree roots or porch footing etc etc…so.

Crack by BEAMER…what did they try n fill wif? Cement, epoxy…?
See quite a few of those. From what my dumb azz has seen, more than not haven’t been a problem going forward. Doesn’t mean yours won’t, just saying.

Let me ask, this crack by beam that goes to the floor, is there a ‘V’ indentation in the wall from top to bottom OR is it just a hairline crack?

The crack where you see/get water…water could be coming THROUGH the crack of course…OR, sometimes, the water you see coming in COULD be due to 1 or more ABOVE grade/above the wall openings such as, 1+ open mortar joints or 1+ gap under/around a basement window or door etc.

By the way, i’m eager and old in this industry…eager to give inside system co’s some of their own shttball medicine, got milk?

Hello n thanks Mr C! One thing Bubbamilk is…is honest.

IF you have poured walls…do you see something like THIS?
…vertical crack in control joint eh.

And John Paul Jones of LZ ? :mrgreen:

Here’s pretty much, a vertical hairline crack. It was patched and painted over on the inside of basement eh. ](*,)

Here, same crack down low…leaks.

Same crack on the OUTSIDE…

Again, outside…

Here is the pictures.