new guy. still wondering

Understanding the liability of my own actions, as i have been in the building and service industry most of my working carer. i truly wanted to make with cretin that i was fully capable of doing inspections on my own. I HAD NO experience in computers. I was a hammer swinger and a wrench turner.
In general How long does it take to train a person to become a Home inspector, i know the answer has many variables. It has taken me 9 months to feel confident to do an inspection on my own. I am the new guy in the inspection business… Actuality I had no idea just how much lack of education in the building trade or home trade i truly had when i started. With that being said,by the way im not a moron either. I have been in the building trade and repair service most of my life.
The education from InterNACHI has been an eye opener. I currently have been trained by a CMI.(and still working)…That in it self was not easy.
A comment made to me from my CMI just did not settle right, again it was just a comment. I have paid my dues in the field 10 fold over as a trainee. I AM NOT COMPLAINING…just feeling bummed.

Has any one trained some one to become an inspector, this is my 10 month, I have received all the credits as well as my field time, I always get the most positive feed back at the end of my inspections from the client…(to date…I dont want to jinks my self)/ The reporting system has been the most difficult. I did not even own a computer.

thanks the new guy.