New guy

I thought being new it was proper to introduce myself. I am 53 and was a regional sales manager in technical sales for the last 18 years. But when you hit 50 companies must think you forget everything you know. I passed my test in Dec. Although not new to construction. I ran a mason crew in the day when I was 18. I went to school to be a EE and was a marine electrician years ago. 5 years ago I bought the books and went to school to pass my GC but job security and a downturn market kept me where I was. I have completed around 10 4 points and 15 wind mits. All accepted. I live on the Hernando-Pasco county line.

Looking for work.

Welcome to Inachi and the forums. Stick around, there is a lot of good information here along with many knowledgeable people. Good luck in you new adventure.

Welcome and good luck.

Good luck Tom, let us know if you need anything

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Thomas. Read through when you get a chance

Welcome Tom. If I’m able to provide any assistance drop me a line.


go to (control panel) at the top left of the board. Then (edit details) go to the bottom and enter your city and state.
Guys are more helpful when they know where you are from.
Looks like you are in my area. Let me know if you need anything.


Welcome Thomas,

Ever have a question…glad to help just contact me. Good Luck ! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

Hey Ed please give me a call at 727-741-8446