New Hampshire Coalition Formed.. Meeting scheduled for 26 NOV.

Well, as expected and predicted there is another coalition started in the State of New Hampshire. These coalitions are beginning to multiply like fruit flies. Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Florida, and now New Hampshire. I expect to hear from Missouri, Washington and Ohio, next.

[FONT=Arial]Brief highlights of the proposed bill are:

Eligibility requirements:

· Minimum of 80 hours of education,

· Pass the National Home Inspector exam or equivalent,

o Initial applicants will probably have 2 years to pass the test

· 20 hours per year of continuing education,

o Most national HI organizations already require this

· No grandfathering clause- everyone is treated equally,

· No apprenticeship requirements.

Home Inspector Board:

· Board has rulemaking authority,

· Comprised of 5 members (4 home inspectors, 1 public member),

· Disciplinary authority.


Its beginning to smell like goat. I seriously doubt this is mere coincidence that all these “coalitions” sprung up overnight. Anytime any board wants to have disciplinary action oversight it smacks of cronyism and you can stand by for someone(s) to be drummed out of business if they do not get in line with the “system”. Ive said it many times before and worth repeating…the worst enemy to home inspectors is other home inspectors with an agenda.

The New Hampshire State Chapter of NACHI and its Duly Elected Officers are aware of this and chose not to bring it to the NACHI BB.

The “Sponsors” of this so called coalition are The local ASHI President, Vice President, {McDonald & Bates} and Walter Perry is the ASHI Regional E.D.

If I remember correctly NACHI HQ has a full list of all NH members emails.
I think that every member should be informed of this meeting.

I do not support all of the outlined highlights, but I am planning on
attending this meeting to be informed.

at this point I am not in favor of licensing at all.


All of the Officers of the New Hampshire State Chapter received this “ASHI Invitation”.

We have had many members call and E-Mail us about this matter and they were wondering who the “Sponsors” are.
{It seems that our membership has a received a “blitz” of ASHI E-Mail.}

Bates & McDonald are the local ASHI President, and Vice President. Walter Perry is the Regional Executive Director.

[FONT=Arial][size=3]<ASHI is a well oiled political machine.>[/size][/FONT]

Bates had his Chapter pay for his NACHI membership and has access to this BB and to all of our members E-Mail addresses.

I would not worry about anyone not receiving an invitation.


Congratulations. Your bill and its sponsorship seems to have the ASHI folks scrambling to put together the illusion of opposition.

It is a given, I’m sure, that NACHI would do nothing to further the goals of ASHI and its wannabe coalition - aside from naming it, here.

Looks like your bill must have some merit if you have the ASHI guys against you. Best of luck.