New Health & Dental benefits for Canadian Inspectors

Hi to all the Canadian home inspectors.
NACHI has just introduced an individual Health & Dental program for Canadian inspectors. Please log on to to check out the new individual benefit plan.
If you have any questions, please contact me at 1-866-809-6753

Michael Tse

Plan seems reasonable in you are looking for coverage for you and perhaps your spouse,

…but for those of us with 4 or more dependants, paying $200+/month in premiums for 80% coverage and then full rate for the additional +20% coverage just does not make economic sense - unless you’re in the income bracket of the top 20% of wage earners in this country.

I left a $55000/yr job 2 years ago where I paid $80.00/mnth for very similar coverage. Even with the company (and a small company at that!)paying a portion of the premiums, the total premiums did not add up to what Paragon wants to charge. Those making over $65,000 paid a little more in premiums, but also received 100% coverage in health and dental PLUS additional services like orthodontal, chiropractic and naturopathy.

Perhaps 80% of inspectors in Canada - and 95% of NACHI members are part of this top 20% :wink: , but for the other 5% of us peons who are just starting out in the inspection industry and who are still paying start up costs for, marketing, insurance etc…those health premiums are still quite steep.

If I wasn’t so committed to home inspections, I think I would become an insurance salesman. :mrgreen:

You might try looking at group coverage through a Chamber of Commerce type policy. If you can name 3 persons on your policy there is normally no medical qualifying and great rates. Lots of folks (self employed) name a spouse as book keeper etc. to try to get the 3. Regardless, even 1 insured is usually not bad compared to some rates.