New hearing time on Senate Home Inspection Bill

The hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 5th at the Missouri Senate. I have been told at 2:00 p.m. Not heard which room yet.

At least they gave us enough notice this time. If you do not take the time to testify, the Realtors and the A$HI inspectors pushing licensing may win.

I’m thinking of renting an Apt in Jeff City so I don’t have to run back and forth for hearings

Funny that I already have an inspection scheduled for Monday at noon.

Its not funny – They knew that and set the hearing accordingly.

The ASHI crowd is only DISPUTING 1 thing … The 1 year from discovery part. Other than that they’re OK with the Bill … Because the HI BOARD will make all rules and so forth.

Wonder who will be the Board OR if there will be any ASHI guys on the HI Board?

Better question … Wonder if there will be any other inspector associations on the Board

Agents only want soft, say-nothing limited reports, and allow them by law.

ASHI supports this, all to get the business from these agents who want to shaft the home buyers of Missouri the same way it is happening in Kansas.

Home sales are low enough. Now they will go even lower, now that there will be no honest people left in the real estate transaction endevor.

All you have to do is search for mortage/bank/lender fraud in Missouri. They should be concentrating there. I guess home inspection laws are more important than education, I-70, and suffering farmers.

Whether you plan to be at this very diverse and crowded public hearing or not … you can still participate with others such as this groupwho also plan to be in attendance and speak against the bill.

Several senators have expressed to United4Missouri that they plan to vote against this bill if it comes out of committee and the emails are having an impact.

Conservatives are controlling the Missouri Senate right now and United4Missouri has their ear.