New heat recovery for WH

New way to preheat your water if ya live to use it.;-):roll:

was someone actually operating that thing like that Charley ?

Yipper they were exactly like that??? interior hall closet C air was open to the attic only thing that save them:shock:


A licensed plumber actually installed it and signed his name AA plumbing and I know the jerk

Unbelievable Charley. If you no him, I hope you send him a picture and ask him if this is a representative of his work. :slight_smile:

Give him the benefit of the doubt Charley it looks like he worked along time to get those water lines just right. LOL

…Just when you think you’ve seen everything. :shock:

I have seen plenty of his work we are not exactly friends I have had several conversations about his work :wink:

And the conversations amounted to not too much correction, I gather. :slight_smile:

Talking to that plumber is like having a conversation with KW its all one sided, in one ear and out the other;-)