New here and eagerly looking for education

Thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to check in to this thread.

My name is Andy and I’m looking for quality in person education. InterNACHI seems to be a great place for this however the in person class is only 5 days and is paired with what appears to be some marketing.

I’m obviously new but looking for the most thorough in person educations options around my area of Lawrence, Kansas. I’m definitely willing to travel to get proper education. Currently I’m a Firefighter/Paramedic in my home town with a prior history as a USAF Mechanic.

My concern is that this isn’t a lot of in person training and I’ve never been the type of person to do something half-rate. I just know how important this job is and like my primary job now… it’s important to be the best around and you can’t do it without education/training.

I’ve seen some ASHI courses and AHIT… but they don’t have nearly the online support that INACHI has.

Thanks again!

Here is a start, Andrew: Free Home Inspector Training Courses & Online Classes - InterNACHI

Here’s more: BPI Approves InterNACHI’s Free, Online Courses - InterNACHI

There is endless education here.

It is not in person but you will learn a batch. Take your time and the quizzes and tests.

Becoming a home inspector is a process that takes time. I did AHIT 15, or more, years ago and it was a start but nothing like what you will learn here. By the way AHIT sends you books to read before their in person courses so you will be doing a lot of reading there, too.

Good luck and thanks for your service. :slight_smile:

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