New Here and Looking for Advice

I am currently a special education teacher and am planning on leaving. I am at a point that I am just burnt and need to step away - that’s beside the point.

I started working on lessons in steps towards getting my home inspectors license. I am wondering what kind of advice anyone here can share.

Should I look to reach out to a local inspector? Or would they see that as someone trying to take their territory? Are you able to start inspecting each little thing as you gather certs? Like I could do roof inspection after I have the cert? Electrical? etc.?

Really any knowledge or advice any of you would share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Most will not welcome training in their future competition. I would reach out to some inspectors at least 4 hours away and make sure to offer them a suitable compensation for their efforts.


Been discussed a million times

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I mean this honestly. I kept using the search function a couple days ago and just was not finding a topic with the the phrasing I was using.

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The search feature is not great, especially if you have something not very specific. Many questions are asked multiple times, no big deal.

To answer some of your other questions, no, you will likely not start inspecting roofs after completing the roof portion, or start inspecting electrical after you complete the electrical classes. Very few clients want just a singular component inspection. You will want to get through the entire CPI process before even thinking about hanging out a shingle.


Welcome to our forum, Alex!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

(Yes, I know this is an older thread and you are long gone based on your profile history… but this may help others with the same question)…

What (or who) makes you think you will not get “burnt out” from this profession? I most assuredly can attest there is a high likelihood that you could. Do you fully understand what the ‘job’ entails to even have a shot at succeeding? As Stephen indicated, you need to do your due diligence research before taking another step forward.

The OP was a special education teacher. This is a specialty line of education that could take a huge toll emotionally on anyone. But I see your point.