New HI course in WA

Hmmm. Interesting. I really didn’t expect to see a school in my back yard so soon.

Nice of the state to rush it through. Posted 12/3. Classes started 12/1. Way to go DOL. :roll:

We were the first to apply but haven’t received approval yet.

At a previous Board Meeting it was stated that they were concentrating on the Fundamental courses first so that people would have more options to get their initial license. With the initial license only good for as little as a year, they will have to start getting some of the continuing education classes approved besides the ashi conference.

Now that Mike has access, perhaps he can update us on the number of courses that have been applied for and what their status is?

Some continuing ed was approved as well:


Radon Measurement Certification Course
Provider - Professional Home Inspection Institute
PO Box 303, 1533 NW 2nd Street
Madison, SD 57042
Contact information - Lori Halverson
Phone – (605) 427-2904 or (800) 983-6322
Fax - (605) 427-2647
Delivery method: Distance Delivery Method – on-line course

Isn’t one of the board members an instructor for one of the approved classes???Hummm…

Darren writes:

InterNACHI’s courses were the first to be submitted and so I fully expect them to be the first to be approved, regardless of whether or not a board member is personally profiting from a competing school.

NO. And if you took the time to look up what courses have been approved instead of casting aspersions, you would know that. :roll:

This was meant in regards to continuing education classes, not the fundamentals class. Just to clarify.

Thanks Steven. Where do I find the list of approved InterNACHI courses?

Here is a list of what has been approved so far. I don’t know of any published list of courses that have applied but not been approved yet.

Hm. That’s odd.


I contacted Rhonda today. She says that IACHI has not submitted anything to her office for CE approval.


Mike O’Handley, LHI
Your Inspector LLC.
Kenmore, Washington
Wa. Lic. Home Inspector #202