new HI looking for a leg up

Well, first off let me introduce myself. My name is Jason Chapman and I’m starting up a home inspection buisness in the Athens, Ga area. I’ve been in the contracting/home improvement buisness for six years with my father doing everything from framing and roofing to finish carpentry and painting, so I’ve gathered a bit of a knowledge base upon which to draw from.

In researching the industry and cruzing through the various professional organizations’ websites I’ve decidied, as you can see, that interNACHI will be the best place for me to nurture this buisness venture into a solid carrer. Thank you all for creating, suporting and developing this organization that offers so much to help and plentiful resources to fledgeling new inspectors.

OK, the reason for my post here is that i’m trying to find a successful HI near Athens Georgia that is willing to let me tag along on a few inspections and coach me through abit. I’ve done a few inspections on family and friend’s homes to get my feet wet, but really feel I could use abit of mentoring before i stepout and market myself to RE agents and the general public. Anyhow, if their is anyone remotely near Athens that is interested please let me know!

Jason, try hooking up with an inspector that is 75 miles away or so. Most, not all, but most don’t want to train a direct competitor. Good luck.

You may be better off to find someone not so near Athens. You are asking someone to help you get started in business and then you will be competing with him for the same clients.

Ah yeah, I supose i should have addressed that in my original post. It is not lost on me that people tend to be adverse to directly assisting potential competition. I wouldn’t expect someone in Athens to take me under their wing. Thats why i asked for anyone remotely close, I was thinking maybe an Atlanta HI might respond or Augusta area perhaps.

We’ve got a few guys in the Chicago area that are willing to help.

You could set-up an “Inspector Exchange Program” like the schools do. Send them Condo Bob as a test run! :twisted::mrgreen:

I would suggest the same be done with you but who in the hell would ever want to go to “Owatonna”?
Anyone ever heard of it?

What you get? about 10 inspections a year if willing to travel 100 miles each way ?:stuck_out_tongue:

Your best bet is to use the find an inspector on the left. Just type in atlanta and you will get a large list of inspectors. Email each of them and see what type of response you get. Very few read the message board.

Seeing that you are in Chicago AND you responded AND your name is Bob, I’m surmising you are Condo Bob. ?

Shannon Cory may be a person to look up…if he doesn’t help then he probably might know someone who can.

I’m a couple of hours away from Athens and in the small town of Dublin, so not a lot of volume, but would be glad to talk with you some if you are willing to come this far.

Someone tell him what the market is actually like. Bet he will be driving to Atlanta do inspections. Heck I am driving up to 2 hours. Got to make what we can.

Good luck Jason, I wish you the best.