New HIP user

I just got off the fence this weekend and joined the Hippie gang.:smiley: Seems like a very versatile program so far. Just had a quick question that stood out from the start. I noticed that photo slotting is done in the photo section only. This is actually backwards from what I am used to with other programs, in which you assign photo(s) in the comments section while assigning narratives. Do the rest of you find this is easier and a faster process? May take some getting used to, but I am impressed with the photo editing features. I also have a lot of rearranging to do as I prefer the system approach to reporting.

Are you using mobile, or desktop only. When I first got HIP, I thought the way you are saying was a better way to go as well, but have gotten used to the way it works. If using mobile, just take the photos while in a section, then they are already slotted. Also, the caption feature helps speed things up considerably. Good luck, I love the software, and the support is better than anything I’ve seen anywhere.

It’s the opposite of every other program Bradley :slight_smile: It’s actually extremely fast as you’re only looking at each photograph one time. In other programs you look through the same photos over and over again (on average looking through half your pics to find the one you want each time). So in HIP if you have 100 pictures, you only ever look at 100 pictures. Make sure to use the [CAPTION]] feature for pre-defined captions and the drop down which will list all narratives used in that report in that section as possible captions as well.

Oh, and welcome to the family!

Slotting photos on the desktop is ridiculously fast.

1 - Set up your category and subcategory names to start with letters primarily on the left side of keyboard
2 - To slot photos, click the category list with your mouse in your right hand
3 - Then using your left hand type the first letter of the category, type “tab” to open the sub-category, and type the first letter of the subcategory
4 - Repeat

The program automatically selects items in the photo slotting lists just using the first letters so with very little practice you can slot a hundred photos in a couple minutes.

Hah. Another victim for our Hippie Fantasy sports leagues… Beat the Geek!

In the baseball league I was the last team to have double digit losses…I may be the first team to have triple digit losses:neutral:

Photos is the #1 reason why I moved from HIP to Home Gauge.

What is better in how home gauge handles photos?

Billy ,please reply to Mike.
Curios how looking at the same giant group over and over is faster myself.

Odd, that’s one of the #1 reasons guys tell me they switch to HIP! I’m curious as well.

Dom knows my biggest reason for staying with HIP is fast photo reports.
Where you at Billy?

Billy likes to “comment-bomb”. :slight_smile: Come on Billy, being mysterious doesn’t work, give us your thoughts.

I signed up with the Hippie group on Monday (the last day of the special). I’ve been putting it off for a couple years.

Troy gave me fair warning-it’s hard to learn a new program when you’re busy. I’ve been doing 2 inspection every day for a month and a half, and just got around to downloading at looking at it at midnite last nite.

I must say, it’s kind of confusing. I’m used to my old software, but can see this is going to work much better, look better, and eventually get me through my dreaded report time faster-especially with mobile. Hopefully I will get time to schedule a one on one with one of their awesome, knowledgeable staff over the weekend, so I can use it on the 12 inspections already scheduled for next week…

Being a “hippie” just fits my lifestyle…

Mike, it took you this long?
Thought you pulled the trigger last year when I was playing with your logo.

What a bunch of 'tards. Over 8 years arguing about simple crap like this?

Welcome to the group.

No, I’ve still been up late at night, sifting through pics and entering all the data to my software from what I captured in the pics (i don’t write notes).

I just couldn’t see paying hundreds of dollars for new software when my software was doing “okay”.

I’ve gotten to the point where “okay” is just not good enough. I claim to be the best, so I’m obligated to use the best software, and the best reporting method-staying up till 1AM working on reports is not “best” for my lifestyle. :cool:

Sorry guys been slammed with inspections. Long story short I don’t like having to assign every individual pic to a category by drop down boxes HG I can drag/drop and I don’t like that I have to flop back an forth to see the pic in the HIP software meaning I have to make the black red defect boxes disappear to see the pics I assigned. With Home Gauge I can see and do everything from one screen without having to flip back and forth. HG affords me the opportunity to write the report simply by looking at the picture strip on the right hand side of the screen. My pics are taken according to the path I inspect. I use the same path every time. Another thing is HG is easier to read … Larger font and graphics

Billy you’ve never needed to flip back and forth that was just the default option! There’s another option to make it a strip that always shows. You can also adjust the font size in the program. By default it uses your Windows font size. If either of those were an issue you should have just brought them up!

I’m glad that a problem that never really existed, was the only one you had. :roll: