New Home Construction “In Progress” Insulated Concrete Form Blocks

I have a Friend who is a Engineer here in Florida. And his and his best buddy who is an Architect are building this home.
I thought this would be a good time to take out the camera.
I asked them if they were going to do this by the book .
They said that this is going to be done picture perfect .

My Question is .
Would anyone be interested is watching this home go up?
I maybe biting of more that I can chew, But If it helps just one it would be worth it.
I plan on adding it to my library .

Here we go !
The slab is all poured next come the forms.

PS:If I posted this in the wrong slot . Please move it .

Awesome idea. I look forward too seeing this as it progresses.

You are the one that will make it happen.
If you have particular questions you may want to ask these guys let me know…OK ?

Hey Roy,
How about sharing some photos of those 2 new homes you are building?
The new guys could learn a lot from a professional builder posting photos as the home progresses through the different phases of construction.

I would wounder if I was you if that isn’t mine !
But knowing how you backstabber are …Humm !
Now ! Linas ! I’m trying to help in the little bit I can so go easy on me …OK ?

Keep them coming Roy

Good idea I took a seminar on these about 7 years ago .
We had a few who did build some .
I have only seen one lately no idea why more are not done .

They will be putting in the receiving channel tomorrow.
If weather permits.

Thanks Roy
This is great info for all to improve their knowledge .

I’ve seen a few around my area; cost to build is higher than conventional homes but is more comfortable to live in and most likely cheaper to conditioned.

Keep the pics coming!

Ok its been a while since they went back to work on this project , but they are there full bore today.
Here is a few pics with more to follow .
The dowels are set a 4 ft centers. And at shot of the corner setup.

I built my basement out of ICF’s. I loved it. Easiest concrete work you will ever do. I had a contractor pour the footings, And from there it was a 2 day project. First day- install blocks 5 feet tall, with re-bar etc, and start window and door frames Second day, finish blocks, and pour concrete using pumper of course. Off the job about 6 pm, removed supports and cleanup.

The bracing is there to keep the wall plum as they pour the concrete.
They is adjustable .
The concrete gets poured Wednesday.

How about some pictures of those 2 new construction homes you’re building, Mr. Contractor?
Anyone can take pictures of homes under construction. Show us your stuff!!!

Bait not taken!
Linas you need to put more smell on the hook before I take the bait.

Good info for all thanks much appreciated .