New Home Inspection License?

Does your state require you to obtain a separate license or an endorsement to your existing license to perform an inspection on a new construction home? By definition, a New Construction Home is a home that has not been lived in, no matter how old.
My state, Mississippi, requires a licensed inspector to have a New Home endorsement. The steps one must complete to get the new home (NH) designation include the following:

  1. Obtain a residential home builder’s license from the MS Board of Contractors
  2. Obtain certification from the International Code Council (in one of many certifications offered)

Just curious.
I haven’t found any others in my searching but not all state sites are valid or up to date.

(Full documentation can be found at )

…and to clarify. This is not for the process of building a new home, like a draw inspection or construction inspection. This is for a completed new construction home that has not been lived in. The state defines it to become a “regular” home inspection after “someone has lived in it”… like, i guess, the day following the first night someone has actually slept in it, or maybe ten minutes after closing. Unfortunately, there is no clear definition to the difference of a regular home inspection and a New Home Inspection other than that.

Thank you for your time!

Nothing like that in Oklahoma.

Sounds like home builders had a hand in precluding you.
They do not want anyone inspecting their work before closing.

Texas only regulates Inspectors and inspections on “substantially complete” homes meaning it is now ready to live in. A new home final is treated no differently than an existing home and no additional endorsements or licenses are required.