New Home inspector information pls

Hi everyone I just got mi ca sertifieds an I like to know what it’s my next step to build a legal company Do I need insurance? Do I need license? Pls help thanks

While I’m not religious per se, I do fully believe in the phrase “God (or substitute mother nature/spirits/whatever) helps those who helps themselves”

Doing a Home Inspection is more than walking around looking at things. Communication is an important aspect in both writing a report and talking to clients.

So if you want a serious answer and some help, I would recommend phrasing your question in a serious way that compels people want to answer you.

Hi, my name is (name).
My back ground is (background).
I live in (location).
I have recently earned my certification (not sertifieds), but I still have some questions.

Then once people see you are serious about helping yourself, then help will come in droves. Otherwise, your post will sit here, as it has, unanswered.

Thanks Ian for the information. It is really very helpful.

Thanks & Regards,