New Home inspector ready to ROCK

James it’s area and inspector dependent. Some areas are very easy to market, some are not. Google your area to see how much competition you’ve got. That’s going to be part of your answer. The rest depends on “you”.

Thanks for the reply Simon. I’m located in SD CA so hopefully that helps!

Yes, hopefully. You can make your location part of your profile from the settings. I’m not from SD Cali… so you’ll have to wait for others to chime in. BTW, remember, no matter what anyone tells you! there is only one way to find out: try it :slight_smile:


Good Man! thanks again!!

James - Welcome! There are a bunch of posts about this kind of thing on the forum, so take a look through the discussion topics and you will find ones about lead generation and other info for new inspectors.

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Thanks Ryan! what a cool community! super helpful! Ill look around! thanks guys!!!

The ugly truth is most people who think they’re going to become a home inspector never get off the ground.

Somewhere around here, there is a long thread to this fact. The failure rate is quite high.

Hence, why I have 4 guys working for me, as they don’t want to deal with the business side of it. They just get their assignments, go inspect, and get a paycheck every two weeks.

But, the good news is if you’re serious and you don’t want to be just another failed home inspector, there is ample information on how to not fail.

Just read every thread in this section. Twice.

And then, just don’t read it, actually implement it.

Most people fail because they won’t read the advice posted, and then even if they do, they don’t actually do anything with the information.

It’s not rocket science, but it takes hard work, dedication, and determination.


Hey James,

Like most businesses, there is a heavy front end of marketing that you will need to do (1-2 years for most people), and then an ongoing, staying in touch and relevant amount of marketing necessary to remain busy (or grow if you want).

This industry is somewhat unique in regards to marketing, because we tend to market to real estate agents, who are not our true customers (home buyers), but rather referral sources.

There is a way to market direct to consumers but it’s more challenging.

As others have said there are a lot of marketing related posts in this forum, and you will find that there’s not any secret way to get business.

Here are a few marketing strategies I am familiar with that you should research and consider (in no particular order):

Direct Mailing
Cold Calling
Networking Events
Educational Seminars
Google AdWords
Home Advisor (paid leads)
Angie’s List

Final thoughts, 20-30% of home inspectors churn every year. This is a war of attrition, if you can stay in business long enough, you can earn a good living and have a fulfilling career helping others.

For me it’s been worth it.

Good luck man.

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Thank you for your input Ian. I really appreciate it

Thank you Patrick! My biggest challenge will be the confidence. Seeing as its hard to get some actual hands on experience without working for someone. Appreciate the information!

Welcome to the forum, James, Enjoy!! :+1:

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Thanks Scott!

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The real estate market in your immediate area can play a big role as well. For example, around here the existing homes for sale inventory is very low compared to years past, while new construction is running rampant. That all could change next week or next year nobody really knows. When considering how to sell your service, consider what the market is doing as well. You may have to change things up from time to time. ALL the info given so far in this thread is good and as others have stated, there’s a lot of discussions about this topic and similar ones on the MB.
Best of luck to you!

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Thank you Michael!

^^^^^ Ian has given you some excellent advice, James. ^^^^^

It is a gold nugget to pick up and learn!

And welcome to our forum, James!..Enjoy! :smile:

I am retired. And a very big part of that was from inspections. You can, too!


If you haven’t already, I’d recommend joining a local group of inspectors and see if you can tag a long on a few inspections with them. That helped build my confidence in the beginning tremendously and to be honest being on the job is A LOT different than all the education you can get.


Welcome James!!! of luck whichever way you choose to go.


Thanks Brandon ill have to find one!

Ian is spot on and really knows the so cal market.

One thing no one has mentioned yet is: $$$$. First 2-5 years can be VERY meagher, make sure you either have a flexible job or are capitalized enough to actually get going.

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yikes, thanks nicholas