New home inspector

Good morning everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance in the process to being a new home inspector. I’m in the process of getting professional insurance and have already received my llc. Beyond that I’m unsure of what steps i should take next. Also as far as a contract goes what does everyone do? Use the template?

Robert, go to the top of this page to “Control Panel” and fill out your information. It helps get you more accurate answers when you ask here on the forum.

See if you can get a mentor to help you get started. Some don’t “want to train their competition”, so going 50 or so mile away may help. In the left blue column is “Find an Inspector”. You can start calling inspectors from that list via zip code or city, I believe.

And yes, InterNACHI spent much legal time and $ to get this agreement fine tuned BUT you may have a state license agreement that you have to use. I don’t know where you are.

Home Inspection Contracts & Agreements - InterNACHI

Good luck!