New Home Sump Pump question

I just moved to Loudoun County and we just bought a new home. I noticed the builder piped the sump pump to drain straight up from where the pump is right outside the house (maybe 3 inches away from the wall). Is this allowed or do I have a leg to stand on if I ask them to run additional piping? Seems crazy to not only drain water that close to a house, but to also right above the well area it just emptied. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

What you describe is standard in most areas. The builder has supplied the bare minimum that he is required to supply. The solution is to go down to your local hardware store and purchase a sump pump discharge hose kit. They are usually about 24ft long and very inexpensive. If you wasted your time and energy battling with the builder, that is all that he would do to rectify the situation.
Also… be sure to Google the subject to learn about the recommendations and the best ways to manage the discharge system based upon your local climate (ie. Winter).
Good luck.

Paul, you can also dig a small trench to a pit away from the house for the water to go. The make plastic “drywells”, too, like Jeff showed. Google drywell.

Something like this:


Great suggestion, Larry

that is typical of a battery back up termination here on new construction. It is designed that way so You know Your main pump has failed when You see the water coming out of that pipe. Now if You don’t have a back up pump it is as the others mentioned.

Is there a check valve installed as well? I’ve seen a lot with no check valve installed.

No back up pump that I know of…check valve? Excuse my ignorance on this, but what should I be looking for?

I didn’t know that, Jim. Thanks! :cowboy_hat_face:

I would recommend to extend the discharge to about 10 feet from foundation and add the air gap.

I like Larry’s solution and install dry wells most of the time. It’s also possible to have them do double duty and receive the downspout discharge too (that’s typically what I do). My advice is to check out the NCRS soil survey (free online) and make sure you know that the ground can soak up all of this stormwater w/o issues, and, of course, always call MISS UTILITY before you dig as everybody buries all kinds of utilities in these new developments. I don’t even put a fence post in anymore w/o getting the lawn spray painted with all sorts of pretty florescent lines!