New Homeowner Newsletter Feature

Hi folks!

I’ve been putting the newsletter on hold to work on beefing up our education system and state certifications, but here’s a new feature based on your suggestions:

Now when a client confirms their subscription, it will take them to a page that links to your own website instead of InterNACHI’s.

Note that you have to have your correct URL in your member profile for this to work.

Keep sending us your suggestions!


WOW!!! Awesome.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just curious is the intro letter supposed to be included in the opt in message? Seems like it should so the client knows who this is from and why etc. I just tried signing up myself to see how this works and recieved just an opt in with no letter? Thanks!



The opt-in letter is a sample of one you could send to your client, but in the current configuration we can’t send a customized letter. We are working on a new system that will allow for any customization needed.


Thanks Tim.