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I believe I have a better then basic understanding of moisture intrusion/migration and microbial growth, but thanks for the info.

My question to Bob was about the

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Wet yes , but as we all know ,water can travel left , right and even bypass floors to get the next one or travel from the roof to the basement with no signs of moisture in between.


The physical properties of water would make this dang near impossible, imo, but I’m just a dumb Texan :smiley: maybe John Mc can enlighten me!

Ok Barry the last statement makes more sense.
What I meant is that it can travel several floors with no visable sign till a far point from entry and it could fool the Flir as to where the source is from.
If you still do not understand what I mean. I will draw a diagram later.

(it can travel in the wall cavity) (follow a conduit etc;)

Looking forward to it, I like diagrams :smiley:

ok I will add later

Leak on 3rd floor did not show up unitl the bottom floor.

I have seen water travel down wall chases or behind brick
veneer and show up 2 and the 3 stories below.

See post #15 for one example.


The origin of that leak is stated to be from the 3rd floor where in the imgage does it bypass floors below?

Good example, but sometimes that may not show up to a thermal cam either I am sure.

Agree or dis-agree?

Barry not bypassing but not visable is what I am implying.

Easily missed if all temps are relatively equal or if in direct sunlight during the imaging.

Now we’re on the same page only 10-20 posts but I knew we’d get there.

Look at the image… the dark (cool) area is the moisture and it
goes down below the 3rd and 2nd story (bypass) before it showed up
below. My FLIR instructor talked to us about this photo.

Bypass = “to go around or avoid”…

I just threw this together, sorry if it is sloppy.

watertravels (Small).jpg

This is what I mean by bypass and thanks for the input,bubber and John.
Glad Barry got it while I sweated for 15 minutes on this diagram.

Good side view Robert. I got it.

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Ron Bibler

“Water will do what it will do”

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there would have been a moisture trail from the upper window or place of entrance

Sometimes with a pic you need even more correct or exacting termonology, as some people have no idea what they are looking at unless exactly described, terminology is always imperative

Calm down Bob. I think you need a drink.

I made the illustration so you could understand that the water can follow somthing such as the conduit in this case and by pass the upper window.

The exit at the (lets say window lintel) would be what your flir and a visual observer would see.

The water is not going to be seen by you or your camera if it is th same or close to the same temp and sticking to an internal trail not effecting the outside wall covering.

Both you and your camera would figure the problem is at the lower window flashing.

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