New IAC2 Water Quality kits hit 50,000 retail outlets.

Each kit recommends (on the back) IAC2/InterNACHI members for professional water testing.

Is IAC2 going to be doing some type of lead certification soon?

Is there much call for lead testing still?

I get a few calls a year. There is nobody to referr them to in my area on residential properties.

Lead Testing in PA requires / recommends an XRF evaluation.

In the 500 + Inspections logged each year, fewer than 2 actually schedule a Lead Based Paint Evaluation…

Your mileage may vary…

Was in Canadian Tire yesterday and came across the testing kits for radon,mold,water quality and lead paint. Retails for $9.99

Looks like Pro Lab is going to take away a lot of business from Home Inspectors.

Why should a customer pay me;

  1. $240.00 for a water quality test.

  2. $125.00 For a Radon in Air test.

  3. $1,250.00 for a “Mold Inspection & Tests”

When they can get a “Kit” for less than $19.95?

Oh… I forgot… They recommend NACHI inspectors!:roll:


Missouri has its own lead certification program. I believe it runs around $500 for the course and certificate.

Some Texas communities are testing the kids and I’ve referred Dallasclient’s with replies back that they are getting free services.

I stress to all CWS students to ONLY use the services of laboratories certified by the State where the samples are taken, and certified by that State for the specific analysis of the samples in question.