New idea for choosing inspector

I have been working with a Realtor off and on for about two years now he has recommended me an others to his client from a list of names he provides. Changed his way of doing this he takes inspection reports from three different companies lays them on the table and lets the client view past reports, of course with the address and names removed. Was told today that his clients choose my new reporting system every time. Thanks Dom HIP is working great:D </IMG>

Hey Charlie I figured a way to put graphics in docs ask Dom.

That’s called the WOW factor.

My wise old grandmother taught me the WOW factor, and I’ve been using the WOW factor in my businesses for several decades. The WOW factor is how you can show your enthusiasm for your business, and many business and marketing schools, as well as those entrepreneurs who specialize in new ventures, will tell you that a successful business is 80% enthusiasm/WOW and 20% technical know-how.

The WOW factor is something that I have been promoting on these Message Boards since around March 23, 2003. Along with Dominic, there are several others who can help you provide the WOW factor for your business, such as Russell Buchanan at HomeGauge, Keith Swift at InspectVue, and John Onofrey at HomeHints. Then it’s up to you to determine which service, and at what cost, can help you provide the best WOW factor for you and your business.

I have many Realtors and three small brokerages who use the report comparison test to refer me to their Clients. It’s a great, great way for them to refer people to me and for me to get lots of business.

Thanks CB!

That would be interesting you should just tell me how and save any second hand info.:wink:

Your Welcome and I throw in a couple of IR shots sideXside of missing insulation just as teasers.

That’s awesome Charley. I’m very happy to hear that you’re having such good results!! And that you for the feedback that has helped to make the software better :smiley: