New idea to me

So my wife and I were braining storming niche marketing and she actually came up with something interesting. I am not sure if there is anything like this yet. In a nutshell, military members who get orders have very little time to look for a homes and many times have to purchase a house without ever getting to see it. If you are a veteran or active duty you know how stressful it can be. So what I am thinking is a sort of “first look” inspection. I would draw up a seperate SOP that would include major things and a seperate agreement. I would include real photos, not the ones house salesman put on the website and it would give service members a better idea of the house. I would not charge a whole lot per inspection but they would have to be bought in packages like 3, 5, 7. Any thoughts?

Always look for ways to better yourself and your business. I think it its great you are thinking of new ways.

Potential road blocks that I see could be
In some areas like my location a realtor does not want to let you near a property unless there is an offer on the table. I’m sure with some work an issue like that can be overcome.

Yes the one realtor I asked about it had many apprehensions but that’s because It could ruin her paycheck. However, all my fellow marines said they love the idea. They are the ones I’ll market to and they are the ones paying me so the house salesman can suk it. Thanks for the feedback man. Any ideas on where to start with an sop

You may also be walking a thin line in regards to the real estate sales license. Check with your state department of licensing. Realtors are a very strong lobby in every state and don’t like people performing their license functions.

Thanks Stephen. I will look into that as well.

Not sure what is being offered here.
Are you thinking you will gain access to property for sale before an inspection?

I will gain access. I’d have too…

That was my thought as well. This is the job of an agent or Realtor, not an inspector.

Which came first… Chicken or the Egg???

The idea is to go beyond the job of the realtor but not quite a home inspection

Every Marine I have talked to said they would definitely pay for that type of inspection

If they’re willing to pay, then go ahead and do it!

I live near a military town, 101st Airborne Division and years ago tried a similar strategy.

As posted, the realtors had strokes and near coronary attacks at my proposal! I do very few home inspections in this military community because I will not tolerate the idiots that call themselves Realtors.

Your endeavor requires that your presence and offering are known ahead of time. As you said, they don’t have a lot of time. They frequently buy houses on Sunday afternoon (spare of the moment). They generally are not prepared or plan.

I have offered similar strategies through normal marketing means that did not fly, but if you have a point of contact, it may pan out for you.

Another issue is there are people out there watching out for civilians taking advantage of military situations. If you come into this strategy with a low priced inspection below what normal inspectors charge, you will be under extreme scrutiny.

Sometimes reinventing the wheel is more bothersome than profitable.

One other point of observation, you are providing a lower cost service than a traditional home inspection. This is basically a lowball. Working downward is not a good business decision. You’re forcing yourself to do low volume, low-cost, high liability inspections which will be difficult to escape from in the future.

A lot of home inspectors are sitting around with nothing to do and are being creative. I commend you for that. However, in the big picture these tend to look like a last ditch approach at staying afloat.

Home inspection should be a very professional process. Anyone who is cutting back on services to reduce prices and produce business may as well go get a job that pays minimum wage. There is less chance of losing your shirt through litigation.

Very Good points Dave. I think being a recent veteran with the prestigious position I had absolves me of all suspicions and scrutiny. It also does give me a lot of contacts and many of the Marines I talked with say they would absolutely pay and wish they had something like that.

I know this industry is supposed to be professional. That is why I am not just taking the idea and running. I want to do this right. It is cutting back on the inspection but I think with the right guidance, a well written sop and agreement it would not take away from the professionalism of myself or the industry. It is not a last ditch effort either. Im not trying to squeeze some pennies to stay afloat. Its a very serious idea that I am taking into consideration and have every intention of executing it in a way that will benefit Service Members and myself without sacrificing anything.

How many houses have crawlspaces there? Would you ever want someone to buy a house without a thorough crawlspace inspection? Would you ever want to crawl under a house and perform a proper inspection without getting full pay?

I found major structural rot in three places on a 4-year old house the other day by moving insulation and looking. In NC we are required to move insulation in certain places to inspect for problems. How many NC guy’s do not know this? None of the rot locations were under any plumbing locations either and the house had never been lived in…

why not get you real estate license and sell houses then? it pays a good chunk…