New Illinois CPI

Hello Everyone. I’m new to being a Home Inspector. After being an automotive and diesel truck mechanic for over 30 years plus doing home remodeling for 18 years, I felt it was time for a change of career. A good friend that is a realtor suggested Home Inspector. So I figured I would give it a shot.
So if you see a question in the forum from me that seems odd or just common sense, it’s because I’m new and figured other InterNACHI Home inspectors have either came across the same issue or could help clarify my stupid questions.


Welcome Daniel and good luck.

Advice… using the Search feature and researching your basic questions (before posting them) will help avoid some of the blowback you WILL receive for not doing so, as these questions have been answered virtually every month for years! You will find that research and due diligence are a huge part of what we do. Not doing so will make you appear to be lazy and want the answers handed to you. Trust me, you will pay the price for that. Hope you have some common sense and/or thick skin! :wink:


Being a mechanic for over 30 years, you tend to ignore comments or negative feedback. Constructive criticism is one thing, but just down right negative is not a way to help. I’ve never put a new mechanic down for lack of knowledge or experience. Just plain brain fart mistakes… yes, sure. Buy there is NO stupid question especially if the one asking doesn’t know the answer or is confused as to policy and procedures.
Thank you for your comments though. I will research the forum before posting a question to where it’s either already been asked or it’s an obvious solution.


Welcome aboard, Daniel. :slight_smile:


Welcome Daniel. Home inspecting requires a lot of research. Google is your friend. For me, if I do the research and find the answer myself, I seem to retain that more than if I was just given the answer. Now believe me, there are many times that research will come up dry but somebody on this forum will be able to help out!


Hi Daniel, some of the questions you have will be “Google Proof”. This typically involves a judgement decision or discernment. Such as “Is this a big deal?” “Would you report on this?” etc etc.

Some things will be discovered in the field and you need an answer right away. We have an emergency section for this, which is REALLY helpful.

As @dwigger and @jjonas mentioned, research is your friend. Be sure to always have model and serial numbers recorded, take pictures of any markings or labels.

Finally, always bring your location, age of the home and many photo’s with you to the forum. You will be amazed at the collective knowledge. In the meantime, poke around and read old threads. I always enjoy the emergency section.

Best of Luck.


Welcome!! Happy Inspecting !!