New Illinois Home Inspector's Association's first meeting.

August 30, 2006

Hello (ASHI, NAHI, NACHI) Member,

*I have been asked by the newly formed Illinois Home Inspectors’ Association to invite you to a very important meeting. The first local meeting is being held on *
September 7, 2006 at 7:00 pm at the AmeriSuites Hotel, 1851 McConnor Parkway, Schaumburg, IL.

This meeting will be open to existing members and non- members alike. On the agenda for this important first meeting will be:

  • Introductions of staff and directors;
  • Presentation of goals and a definition of purpose;
  • The state of the home inspection industry in Illinois;
  • *Questions and answers; and *
  • *General comments.

This new Association is not in conflict with our own Association because its sole purpose is to look out for the Illinois home inspection industry and lobby on our behalf. It does not provide the same education and national recognition that we are providing through your national membership.

Please come and participate in this historic event. Your future and the future of the Illinois Home Inspector’s Association is in all of our hands.

I look forward to seeing you on September 7th. Please contact the Illinois Home Inspectors’ Association at 217-726-9450 or via e-mail at for reservations.


Will Decker

Much luck and success!

Why not work to increase the awareness and strength of NACHI or the NACHI chapter? Another “spin-off” seems unnecessarily cumbersome.

Awareness of NACHI and its profile and strength has been raised (and in ASHI’s home state). Marketing and promotion and the like are not what this new group is all about. No conflict with the National Associations.

This group is about state lobbying and legislation and the like. There are issues that affect all home inspectors in the state, regardless of national affiliation.

The state’s HI law is getting its administrative rules changed. I believe that all home inspectors have a hand in this and need to be represented.

Why reinvent the wheel when there are already troops on the ground with the same goals in mind.

Some are concerned that this group is just a front for another association. That is not the case. Members of all associations are involved and understand that this group is assocation independent.

Answer your question? Call me if you need some more info. Can’t write it all on this board. Don’t want to be accused of making long posts.

Exactly my point.


We (NACHI) do not have troops on the ground in Illinois. Besides, I think it would be better if the ‘troops on the ground’ knew the state and the enemy. If we did, this would not be an issue.

That is my point.

Who comprises the membership of the Chicago Chapter of NACHI, if not Illinois home inspectors? Are they not “ground troops”? I know that NACHI chapter meetings are open to all home inspectors, regardless of association. This additional association seems to detract from that, at worse…at best, simply a third nipple.:roll:


Let me set this all out for you. I believe that you are laboring under some misconceptions:

  1. The Chicago chapter is in Chicago, not Springfield (the state capital). It’s a 250 (or there abouts) drive.
  2. No one in our chapter is experienced with lobbying. Besides, none of us are registered lobbyists.
  3. Our chapter does not have the necessary funds, nor the time, to do this full time (which is the only way to do it in Illinois).
  4. You are right, all NACHI inspectors are Illinois Home Inspectors. We have the same concerns as the members of other National Associations. This group is not a National Association, but a state one.
  5. This group serves and entirely differentg purpose from NACHI or the other associations.
  6. If it were to be done, twere best done right.

Hope this helps;