New Illinois Law - Bad Idea

This bill, Illinois Senate Bill 1232, will license Interior Designers. It will also mean that, other than for single family, detached residenses, every contractor and sub who does remodeling type work, or new construction, will have to have their work signed off by and supervised by a state licensed interior designer.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot!!!

Link to the bill, here:

Is that a bad thing or good thing for your area Will?:slight_smile:

I just think it is silly.

Imagine, a condo building, and the contractor has to get sign offs from the Architect AND an Interior designer.

Also, think of all the kitchen and bath stores who will run a foul of it.

It just seems to me that some Illinois State Senator has a brother-in-law who is an interior designer.

Of course, the guy in the orange shirt is the LAST one you want to ask about design and taste.

I thought it was meant to control shabby work executed by contractors, expecially the fly by night ones, not Architects. That is a waste of money as far as I am concerened.
More tax dollars at work I guess. :slight_smile:

Are you kidding me? Sounds like an April fools joke. So if you hired someone to work on your condo and redo the bathroom the contractor would need to hire an interior designer?

Of course in some areas you have to get a permit to replace your toilet. So I guess you’d need an interior designer to come and approve that too!

Get out while you can my Illinois friends.

It may be too late already.


*[View latest bill text (Introduced)

[Pending Senate Assignments Committee](
 March 18 2011 - Rule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments*

*Creates  the Interior Design Practice Act. Provides for licensure of interior  designers by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  Creates the Interior Design Licensing Board and sets forth the powers  and duties of the Board. Provides that it is unlawful for a person or  entity to act or assume to act as an interior design company as defined  in this Act, to engage in the business of interior design, or to  advertise or hold himself or herself out to be a licensed interior  design company without first obtaining a license issued by the  Department under this Act. Includes provisions concerning exemption from  the Act. Provides that persons practicing as an interior design company  in Illinois as of the effective date of the Act may continue to  practice until the Department has adopted rules implementing the Act.  Provides that each entity registered under the Act shall designate a  managing agent who is responsible to assure that the company operates in  compliance with the Act. Sets forth the powers and duties of the  Department, licensure qualifications, grounds for discipline, civil and  criminal penalties, and administrative procedure. Sets forth provisions  concerning standards of practice and prohibited activities. Preempts  home rule. Effective immediately.*