New Images Added to Inspection Gallery About Steel Roof Deck Terminology

  1. Steel Roof Deck Configurations:
  2. Steel Roof Deck Terms:
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Nice illustrations Maggie;

Here is a little narrative to help some understand better of the purpose.
Compliments of “RDI”

Type “A” (NR) Roof Deck

Type A (narrow rib) deck is designed to allow the use of the most economical insulation materials. It provides a maximum top surface contact area which is suitable for thinner rigid boards and the nestable quality eliminates the need for die-set ends to reduce installation costs.

Type “F” (IR) Roof Deck

Type F (intermediate rib) deck provides the most economical combination of structural load capacity and insulation materials. The flute openings permit easy attachment to supporting structural members and the nestable design eliminates the need for die-set ends.

Type “B” (WR) Roof Deck

Type B (wide rib) deck provides maximum structural load capacity through an efficient profile design and allows the use of 1-inch thick rigid insulation boards. The side lap of this product permits easy installation and its nestable feature eliminates the need for die-set ends

Type “N” (3DR) Roof Deck

Type N (deep rib) is particularly suited for intermediate spans from 9 to 14 feet. The 8-inch rib spacing and 3 inch depth creates an attractive surface for exposed ceiling and canopies.


Thank you. Excellent information.