New Information - Berg Engineering

I called Berg Engineering this afternoon and spoke with Stephen Berg. We discussed the Fluke Ti-R that is advertised on their web site for $4045.00.
I gave him information about NACHI and the message board. He is willing to initially stock a couple of Ti-R’s within the next two weeks. Apparently, the average ordering time is two weeks, and they have sold a number of thermal cameras to home inspectors. He is a very nice person, willing to work with NACHI members. Mr. berg also mentioned that Fluke will present a half day instructional class to a group of seven or more inspectors at no cost. Berg Engineering will arrange the class anywhere in the country, providing at least seven inspectors attend. :slight_smile:

Hey John,

How are you? I hope business is great in you neck of the woods :slight_smile:

Are you getting one of thses cameras? There was an inspector in my level I class that had just recieved his Ti-R.

I have only owned FLIR cameras, but this is one heck of an IR camer for the price.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin,
I plan to order the Fluke early next week. Business continues to be a little sporadic, but we continue to grow every year. Thanks for inquiring.