New Inspection Business

Hi everyone Im new Inspection business owner at the point of finally moving forward.

I have a question about the quote form from How would I be able to fill in most of the questions if Im a new business that has never accepted a dime for service.

Can someone be so kind to help with answers so I can purchase my insurance.

If someone has a better insurance that would be great.

Also to any Inspectors in the Palm Springs that needs help or is willing to help out a new inspector I could use it. I have 11 yrs home remodeling experience and 9 years of home improvement sales. Im a person that learns on the job, thanks. Please send me a PM.

thank you very much,

Pete Childs

Childs Home Inspection LLC

I am actually a member. Dont how safe to post my NACHI# but I can show proof.

thanks again

Talk to an agent. They’ll walk you through it and tell you what they need.

Just answer the questions honestly.

Pete, I just sent you your username and password. Log into the message board with them. You are missing out on 1/2 the message board that is invisible to non-members.

yeah that seems like my best option


thanks Nick

Talk to Will Colton. He’ll help you out.

Awesome, thanks Frank.


Sorry you think this was a SPAM comment!

I was recommended to your site by a couple of colleagues in the home inspection market in San Diego, who thought I may be able to add some value.

You are more than welcome to ignore my comments, and I will gladly retire from the discussion group, but I was just trying to be helpful. Perhaps my comment was a bit too general.

I run a concreting business in San Diego and understand the “ins and outs” of commercial insurance. The question seemed to be about how to complete insurance documents for a new business.

While many businesses may “wing it” by completing “guestimates” and half completed documents for their business insurance applications, the principles of “plena dectionem” (full disclosure) and “uberimma fides” (utmost good faith) apply to all insurance contracts.

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard of business claims failing as a result of the insurance company relying on these principles to deny what are valid insurance claims.

Bottom line - make FULL disclosure and be diligent in everything that you disclose!

Good luck!

I will now step back form this forum, as it appears I am not welcome.