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Sudbury couple calls in paranormal experts


Posted 18 minutes ago

A Sudbury couple started noticing strange things happening in their house soon after their daughter was found dead in a Sudbury hotel room.
It’s just one of the many cases the Paranormal Home Inspectors will investigate on the new show, airing on the Investigation Discovery channel starting Aug. 16.
The paranormal inspectors team is made up of three people: a psychic, Nadine Mercy; a paranormal investigator, Michelle McKay; and a home inspector, Brian Daly. All three use their expertise to look into the causes of strange happenings in houses.
“The premise of the show is we are contacted by people who feel there’s something odd going on in their home and they can’t explain it,” said executive producer Catharine Fogarty.
“So what we do is we bring in three inspectors, one of them being a home inspector, because we’re also happy to potentially debunk any of those concerns or issues.”
They’ve been filming episodes across Ontario, including the one in Sudbury, another in Webbwood, about 70 kilometres west of Sudbury, and a third in Nairn Centre, about 50 kilometres west of Sudbury.
Fogarty stressed it is extremely important to her the show be legitimate.
"I didn’t want to do this unless it was legitimate. There are a lot of funny and crazy people in this industry. I met all sorts of psychics, paranormal people, and a lot of it was just ridiculous.
“This series has actually surprised us, because we’re amazed by what we find out and, again, we wanted to make sure it was 100% legitimate.”
She has been particularly surprised by the dark turn the show has taken.
“It has gotten a little bit darker than we even anticipated … We’ve actually lost two crew on the show because they got so freaked out.”

The home inspection aspect of the show distinguishes it from other paranormal shows, said Fogarty.
"There are things that definitely could be related to the condition of your house. So you could say ‘my lights keep flickering on and off,’ well yeah, you’ve got some serious electrical problems …
“When we first started putting this idea together, when we were talking about it we realized that there are a lot of people that say ‘that’s nonsense,’ so we went back to the drawing board and said ‘let’s look at all aspects and all avenues related to what’s going on for people in their homes.’”
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Most turn of the century (1800s to 1900s) ghost stories stem from things seen, felt and heard by occupants of homes that resulted from their being poisoned from CO derived from improperly vented indoor heating devices. Good home inspectors in that era would have wiped out the whole “haunted house” craze that followed into modern times.